Bathroom Accessories: Towel Bars & Hooks

Not the most glamorous posting, but these are the types of decisions I’m making these days. What towel bars, hooks, and paper holders to get. Here we go:

Towel Bars

Above: Wer Designs Inc. 709-0 Tsutsu Holder Towel Bar ($224), Nameeks 6507-02 Nemox Rail Towel Bar ($122), Smedbo AK3464 24in. Single Rail Towel Bar ($105). :Use 153 Bollard Towel Bar ($68). Available at Sugastune 18″ Towel Bar ($51) at Alema. Ikea Raan Towel Rail ($12.99).

Towel Hooks

Above: VIPP Towel Hook – Lovely, but seriously pricey ($125). Duravit – D-Code Towel Hook ($10) from allmodern. Sugastune DSH-01 Stainless Steel Coat Hook ($6.75), JF-70 Stainless Steel Hook ($22) from Alema.

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