Playroom: Toys

Okay, this is my last posting for the next while on kids-centric stuff. I suppose I’ve gotten a bit carried away – but with small kids at home and a house to fill from top to bottom, I couldn’t help myself. To wrap things up, here’s a mix of toys that have caught my eye recently.

Below: Lil Wooden Modern Kitchen by Momoll. Their high back chair and playtower are pretty damn fabulous as well.

Below: I picked up one of these wooden lambs by Manny & Simon at Auggie (a completely inspiring store for kids and Oliver Yaphe’s latest retail partner!).

Below: What is it about toy globes that I love so much? I don’t even think I had one as a kid, but I love them…I might just have to start collecting a few. I particularly love the ones with details in black, like that found at Commute Home or the Corona black and white version by Nendo. I also spotted this amazing chalkboard globe while flipping through Lonny Magazine. It’s sold through The Well Appointed House. I seriously might have to get this one.

And now for some incredible pieces with incredible price tags to match. Arg. The soapbox car by PLAY, a danish children’s furniture company. I spotted it on Minor Details along with its $2750 price tag. Really? Likewise for the Wedge House by Modern Playhouse. It’s a great little wooden house that could be used for anything really – a theatre, house, private getaway. But at $1250 a pop, my kids will likely be using cardboard.

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