Kids Rooms: Seating

I admit, I bought one of those glider rockers for my daughter’s room when she was born (and I’m not talking about the nice modern ones now available). Everyone I know said to get one, despite the look. True, we’ve logged a lot of hours in that seat, but I still can’t get past the design.

We’re on the brink of graduating to something new! The only thing stopping me from making the switch right now is that my daughter might go into withdrawal. She does love our cozy, ugly glider.

Ah, the glider. Perhaps I can sneak one of these seats in late at night.

Below: Lamino chair and ottoman by Swedese. Ikea makes something similar – in fact, we have one – but I always feel like the thing is going to tip over. Comfort and design wise, you can’t compare. Price is a different story.
Below: Jens Risom designed Armchair and Ottoman and Risom rocker. Both available at DWR.
Below: Rapson Rapid Rocker. Designed by Ralph Rapson. Available at Ella + Elliot
Below: Eames Molded Plastic Rocker. I know, these are all over the place and might be overdone, but I still love them. EamesRocker
Below: Your child will outgrow this piece in no time, but I think the iglooplay rocker would add a nice touch – even if just for a bit.

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