Master Bedroom: Nightstands

I tend to keep loads of books and magazines by my bedside. To keep things neat, I’m inclined to opt for nightstands with drawers. The truth is, I probably won’t even use those drawers and will continue to keep everything in plain view. But you can’t blame me for trying. So here are some picks:

Below: Molteni&C 3030 series nightstand and dresser

Below: I love the walnut used for these pieces by Formstelle.

Below: You can get the best of both worlds with the Clooney nightstand by Meridiani – it’s nice and open, but still has a single drawer

Below: Dado bedside table and drawers by B&B Italia. I like the little black and white unit in the photo below – it’s simple and I really like the contrast between the colours and materials.

Below: Crate and Barrel and Room&Board offer some solid options without breaking the bank. Because, really, it’s just a table by the side of the bed. Right? Linea table from C&B and Copenhagen table from R&B

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