Bring it On!

Mar 1 2011

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me – I’m a ping pong junkie. Should I say that out loud? Well, maybe junkie is a bit strong, but you get the picture.

When I spotted this James Perse Limited edition ping pong table on Remodelista, I got all giddy. And it looks like I’m not alone, the table is sold out!

In honour of this favoured past-time, I also wanted to share some shots of The Book Club in London. This cultural hang-out of sorts is located in London’s east end. It’s a spot for talks, readings, live music…and yes, ping pong.

This is my kind of place. Thanks to Miss Moss for the introduction.

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Lake Bound

Aug 27 2010

Summer might be almost over, but we’re sneaking in one last taste. We’re packing up the car and heading to the Laurentians. I couldn’t be more excited to do absolutely nothing. I’ll see you back on Sept 7th (or possibly a tad sooner).
Photo: Thank you Trufflepig.

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Sun & Sand

Apr 2 2010

We are off for vacation! It looks like it’s going to be beautiful all around, so have a fabulous week. I’ll be back posting on the 12th.

I’ll leave you with a shot that makes me very happy…
DitteIsager_Beach Photo by Ditte Isager

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Finn Style

Mar 12 2010

I’m learning to travel vicariously (or virtually) these days. Trips overseas are few and far between as of late, so I do what I can do get my fix. Online roaming has brought me to some unexpected spots. Despite my love for Scandinavian design, I have yet to make it to that part of the world (I’ve been awfully close, though). Copenhagen has been on my list for ages. I’d love to visit Stockholm. I admit, Helsinki was not really on my radar until recently.

When I do make a visit, I’ll be sure to visit these amazing looking locales.


Shown above, My o My is a “lifestyle” store offering fashion, design objects, jewelry, etc. They call themselves a “homebase for all kinds of creativity.” I love that. The store itself looks like a gallery and (from what I can tell) reminds me of one of my favourite spots in New York – Moss.

Lunch at the Sis Deli and Café would be lovely (Discovered via Designworklife)


Perhaps a stay at the Klaus K hotel would be in order

Klaus K_2
Klaus K_1

Ah, it would be nice. But, until then, I’ll continue to fuel my wanderlust by visiting Nestled In, a great interiors blog by two Finns.

I could also do some serious damage at the Finnish Design Shop. I’ll leave you with a couple of my favourite on-site items (don’t hold it against me that both were designed by Arne Jacobsen, a Dane!).

Stelton Tea Pot

AJ Floor Lamp

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