Lugano Apartment

Jun 16 2014

Apartment of furniture/art collector Demetrio Zanetti & Veruska Gennarivia via Dustjacket Attic

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Lessons Learned: Flooring

Apr 1 2012

We ended up going with walnut floors in my place. When walnut is done right, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. While I still love the overall look, the issue with my own place is that I didn’t get quite of the finish that I wanted. I’ve been told this will come over time, once our place gets a bit more wear. But I like a very raw, natural look. Our floors have a bit too much sheen. They still have an amazing texture and feel, but I’m ready to have a few house parties to get a bit of scuff going!

If and when I do this again, I think I would probably go with an engineered floor. We finished ours on site. With an engineered floor, you kind of know exactly what you’re going to get. That being said…in our case, engineered was much more expensive, but something I would seriously consider.

The tough part (next time around) would be choosing the style that I’d want. There are so many different types of floors that I would love to have. Here are just a few.

via Cafeine (1+4), Leaps of Imagination, Room 269, Chi Va Piano, Joseph Dirand, Verne, Pitsou Kedem, Home of Charlotte Lynggaard in Est Magazine, Line Klein

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Living Room (and beyond): Rugs

Jun 17 2010

Okay. Now for some shameless self-promotion. I’ll be putting one of my own rugs in our living room (how could I not, really?). We’ve settled on a Wheels design in grey tones. I’d like to try a wool / silk blend and am having some samples made as we speak. The design will remain as that seen below:

Below: Oliver Yaphe Wheels Rug in Charcoal

Other pieces will be scattered throughout the rest of the house. In the entranceway, we’re going to put a Duncan Runner. My daughter currently has an Alphabet Soup rug in her room, but I’ll likely move it to the nursery and add an Ali rug or some other form of stripes to her bedroom.
Katherine-00028nt litOYaphe_StripeAli

Above: Duncan runner, Ali rug

For the library bordering the living room, I’d like to add add a Madeline Weinrib Mandala Chenille Rug. I love the charcoal one shown below, but I’m toying with the idea of using a white piece since the room itself will be quite dark. I can’t really go wrong, though, her entire collection is beautiful.
Above: Madeline Weinrib Mandala Chenille Rug. Available at Y&Co.

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Floors: Going Wide

May 26 2010

We’re starting to make some progress. The framing has started on our house. We’ve selected windows and tiles. We’ve chosen our brick and HVAC system. We’ve bought our kitchen appliances and the layout is being finalized. We’ve now started to talk about floors.

I’ve done previous postings on some looks that I love, but when it comes down to it, we’re going to go with a wide plank, durable wood. We’ve chosen white oak. The stain will be done on site.

If we can get our floors to look anything like the photos below, I’ll be awfully happy.

Above: Christian Liaigre design, image care of Taschen
Below: Pitsou Kedem Architect
Below: Oomen Architecten
Below: Image care of Trendir
Above: Verne

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