Apr 12 2010

Having spent my childhood summers in Maine, I have a thing for the beach. While I gravitate towards clapboard and shingled homes, it really doesn’t matter where I am. I love the sound, the smells, the feeling of dipping my toes in chilly salt water. I’m not one to sit and lounge in the sun for hours, but there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon by the shore, in my opinion.

Fresh off the plane from our Florida vacation, I thought I’d share some shots that bring it all back – well, minus the Florida part:)

Photo by Eric Roth

Block island beach homes by Estes Twombly Architects

Check out these inventive spots that make the most out of what they’ve got:
Above: Pre-fab home by Swedish Architects Sommarnojen, discovered on Remodelista

Above: Designer Nina Tolstrup built this beautiful 388 sq.ft. beach home. Photo care of Mopu42

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