Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

Jun 28 2012

Oh, Brooklyn. You’ve done it again. You’ve got a lot going for you, but now the Wythe Hotel seems to clinch it all.

Williamsburg might not necessarily be the most convenient spot for a weekend visit (at least for my typically rushed trips), but this might be a seriously good draw.

via Rum Magazine and photos from Desire to Inspire.

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Country Home by NORM Architects

Jun 25 2012

I’ve done many postings by NORM Architects in the past – how exciting to find another! I’ve seen various images from this property all over the web, but it was only while searching through Marie Claire Maison that I saw the full property.

My french is a bit rusty, but it looks like this property was a fishing cabin outside of Copenhagen and was designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from NORM. Lovely.

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House in the Pyrenees

Jun 21 2012

This home in the Pyrenees by Architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales is so simple and so beyond all at the same time. When you get right down to it, the interior houses some reasonably basic needs – but what a space. The home seems to jut right out of the mountain side.

I particularly love the original stone detail with the modern top.

via Yatzer

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The Isku Kitchen

Jun 18 2012

These minimalist kitchens by Finnish company Isku were designed by Jaani Vaahtera. They remind me a bit of some of Bulthaup’s latest lines, but are even more paired down. Design wise, it’s a nice idea to get rid of the bulk of a traditional island. Functionally, not sure how I’d cope. The kitchen really is that one place where I can’t seem to purge – but would be fun to try.

Spotted on Koolandkreativ

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