Apr 29 2011

In honour of my last posting, my love for all things photography related, and the fact that the world just watched the Royal Wedding (thank goodness the baby woke me up at 5am this morning!), I’ve got cameras on my mind.

Happy Friday.

Photos via: Lotta Agaton, French by Design, Forever is today,

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Portfolio: Inspiration by Photographer Jamie Kripke

Apr 28 2011

If I were a photographer, I’d want my images to look an awful lot like those taken by Jamie Kripke.

I adore Jamie’s work – the colour, composition, you name it. I’ve lived with a couple of his prints over the years and can honestly say I love them even more now.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I went to the framers today to pick up my latest purchase. Yes, I’m the proud new owner of his Abandoned Bus print!

Now the big question is where to hang it? Silly me for building an open concept house. I need more walls!

Here are some of my faves from Jamie’s portfolio:

Jamie’s got a new site and some new work posted. He’s also shot some incredible moving picture clips. Definitely worth checking out:

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Isabel Marant’s Studio

Apr 27 2011

I love getting to glimpse into the workspace of creative people (or really anyone for that matter!). So I was particularly excited to see designer Isabel Marant’s studio captured by Backyard Bill for Elle magazine.

Inspiring space + Jean Prouve table and chairs. Nice combo.

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One Fine Attic

Apr 24 2011

If this is the attic, I can only imagine what the rest of the house looks like! Nicely done.

Spotted on Lime & Meadow.

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