Casa Del Agua, Mexico City

Feb 4 2013

One seriously well executed space care of Cadena + Asociados Branding in Mexico City.

via Otis & Frank, Lovely Package

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Just a bit longer

Sep 4 2012

Okay. I couldn’t resist. Let it all linger just a bit longer. This rain is making me somewhat nostalgic.

Now on to packing school lunches and easing back into things. Ahhhh.

via unknown, Patrick Cline, Standing Elements (3+5), The Prep Blog

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Mountain Lodge on Sognefjorden

Aug 1 2012

Take me now.

This hotel in Norway by London architects Haptic looks ridiculously amazing.

Eight private cabins, spa, pool, gym, views of forest and fjord. I can’t imagine visiting this spot and not feeling completely rejuvenated.

via Hyperform an Dezeen Magazine

Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

Jun 28 2012

Oh, Brooklyn. You’ve done it again. You’ve got a lot going for you, but now the Wythe Hotel seems to clinch it all.

Williamsburg might not necessarily be the most convenient spot for a weekend visit (at least for my typically rushed trips), but this might be a seriously good draw.

via Rum Magazine and photos from Desire to Inspire.

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