Mirror Mirror

Apr 12 2012

These gilded mirrors bring these spaces up one level, don’t you think?

via Nina Bergsten home (1), Mes Carpices Belges (2,4), Interiors Porn (3,5)

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Pillow Talk

Apr 11 2012

I’m on the lookout for some good pillows. I’ve got a few, but could always use more. At least these photos have convinced me of that.

via The Brick House, That Kind of Woman, Miha Matei, Elle Decor, Cinoh, Little Studio pillow via Mackapar.

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Lessons Learned: Buy What You Love (and can afford!)

Mar 30 2012

Building a place or renovating or decorating is all about trade-offs. You can’t have everything you want – or at least I couldn’t.

So, what I would say is, invest in a few things that you really love and cut back in areas where you can get away with it. At least that was my overall philosophy.

I bought my BDDW mirror early on in the process. I knew if I pushed this off until the end, I’d never buy it. I had to cut back in other areas later on, but I love this mirror and it’s the first thing I see every time I walk into our place. So, yes, I spent a small fortune on a mirror, but for me this was a good trade-off. You can get knock-offs, but the lines and craftsmanship in this piece stand out.

I made a trade-off when it came to lighting. I really wanted a three (or four or five…) arm pendant by Lindsey Adelman. Her work is stunning and hand-made and I can see why each piece costs thousands and thousands of dollars. I just couldn’t do it. I went with three black Artek pendants instead. It’s a totally different look, but at a fraction of the cost, I couldn’t resist. Plus, I’ve always loved these pendants.

So – to each their own. Only you know your budget and what you really love. But if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll find that coveting a few special pieces will bring quite a bit of joy. Likewise, I love a good deal…and knowing that I saved big in certain spots makes me equally giddy!

BDDW Captain’s Mirror

Lindsey Adelman Lighting

Artek Pendants

Some of my favourites for another day:

Serge Mouille Lighting

Hiroshima Dining Chairs by Naoto Fukasawa

Hans Wegner seating

Bulthaup kitchen

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Great Stuff

Nov 25 2011

I’ve long had an aversion to collecting stuff – probably a symptom of years of moving around and the hassles associated with packing up! But this phase seems to be coming to an end…or at least I’m learning to understand the value of really great household objects.

I just bought a bright yellow vase that’s brought my bookshelf completely to life. I’m on the lookout for more great finds.

Above: Love those Van Duysen bowls. Photo from ArtandChic
Below: Kuksa Finnish camping cups and Pia Wallen blanket. Photo care of Vineet Kaur.

Above: Established & Sons pots care of Vineet Kaur
Below: Fun assortment of colourful bowls from Artandchic

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