30 Sep 2013

Truly Modern

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21 Aug 2013

Market Residence by Shareen Joel Design

When you have a good back drop, you really don’t need much filler. Case in point – this beautiful home in Sydney by Shareen Joel Design. I love the colourful artwork and simple details. And, of course, the black trim windows.

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13 Aug 2013

Evernote Offices by Studio O+A

On the recommendation of a gazillion people, I’ve been told to try Evernote. Of course, I haven’t yet…but their offices in Redwood City have given me whole new motivation. What? Man, I miss my dot com days sometimes.

via Contemporist c/o Studio O+A.

16 Jul 2013


It’s about a 1000 degrees outside today…guess what I’m dreaming of?

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