14 Jan 2014

Pretty Fab Pre-Fab

I really love the work of Spanish architecture studio Ábaton and am totally intrigued by their Casa Transportable house ÁPH80. This home is not only beautifully designed, but it fits on the back of a truck!

Made of grey cement-board panel with sliding glass doors, this pre-fab takes it all to a whole new level.

via Dezeen

21 Oct 2013

Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects

I love the exterior of this home – so simple and lovely. I also really like how the kitchen unit extends directly into the living room built-in. They could use a few rugs, though!

via Arch Daily and Hege Greenall-Scholtz on Pinterest

30 Sep 2013

Truly Modern

via Otis & Frank (1), Pinterest (2), Standing Elements (3), Take Over Time (4+5)

21 Aug 2013

Market Residence by Shareen Joel Design

When you have a good back drop, you really don’t need much filler. Case in point – this beautiful home in Sydney by Shareen Joel Design. I love the colourful artwork and simple details. And, of course, the black trim windows.

via Pinterest and Share Design